Volunteers Needed at Middletown Animal Rescue

By Katie Kazimir

Middletown Radio

MIDDLETOWN – It takes more than one person to run a successful animal rescue operation, and Cindi Moulson, owner and operator of It Takes A Village Animal Rescue is hoping to get the word out about how others in her village of Middletown can take action to help save the lives of dogs in need.

“I am a small rescue outside of Middletown, Delaware, trying to help where I can; hoping to make a difference in some animals’ lives,” Ms. Moulson said. “But I can’t do it alone. It takes people like you to help me do what I do.”

The idea for It Takes A Village Animal Rescue was Ms. Moulson’s, and she opened the shelter for dogs four years ago on Oct. 28, 2014,  with the idea of serving the community through education and rescuing animals to get them healthy and into good homes.

The rescue serves as a temporary home to about eight dogs at a time, and Ms. Moulson said she also has two foster homes for dogs that provide a temporary residence while permanent homes are secured.

To date, It Takes A Village Animal Rescue has taken in 177 dogs and adopted out around 158.

Most of the dogs that the rescue serves are ones from down south, primarily North Carolina, where education about spaying and neutering could use some work.

“Our rescue is not breed specific. We pull dogs from down south to keep them from being euthanized. We spay/neuter and microchip every animal that comes through our doors,” Ms. Moulson said.

Lost pets are also given shelter while their owners are located.

“We usually wait about 10 days, posting them on government sites and all over Facebook before they are put up for adoption,” Ms. Moulson said of the foster dogs.

Eventually the shelter will be expanded to include rescue opportunities for animals other than dogs.

Ms. Moulson said she is trying to help where she can and hopes to make a difference in some animals’ lives.

While she does have a nice handful of people she relies on, Ms. Moulson said most of the work for the rescue is done by just her.

For those that want to assist in making a difference, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities at It Takes A Village Animal Rescue, including becoming a foster, helping with fundraising, assistance in building some kennels and particularly office work.

“I am drowning in office work,” Ms. Moulson said.

Once she has more kennels, Ms. Moulson said she could use help with people working at the kennels, but she needs someone who can help put up the kennels.

“Someone that knows how to lay cinderblock, one row, ground level,” she said.

Volunteer Mandi Lemons said It Takes A Village Animal Rescue is a great organization to volunteer for and adopt from.

“Cindi is great to work with and you can feel the love and compassion she has for all of the rescues that come through her home,” Mrs. Lemons said.

“I really love this place,” said Volunteer Michelle Magalon. “Cindi truly loves these animals and goes the extra length to ensure they go to proper homes. The dogs are all well cared for and the shelter is clean. The dogs adore her and it's easy to see why. Cindi is extremely nice, professional, and easy to talk to.”

For further information or to donate to the Middletown animal shelter, visit It Takes A Village Animal Rescue on Facebook or at www.ittakesavillageanimalrescue.com. As a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations are tax deductible and most go toward medical expenses for the animals.

To request an application to volunteer or suggest someone who could assist with labor building the kennels, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 302-690-1963.


Photo credit: Katie Kazimir. 

Top left...Cindi Moulson is the owner of Middletown’s It Takes A Village Animal Rescue, which finds dogs loving homes and educated adopters and the public about the importance of spaying/neutering, micro chipping, heartworm preventative and all other aspects of keeping an animal healthy and happy.



Submitted Photo/It Takes A Village Animal Rescue

It Takes A Village Animal Rescue has saved over 50 dogs per year and still counting. “My passion is all living creatures, but for now I am rescuing dogs,” Founder Ms. Moulson said. “As my rescue builds, my dream is to also rescue other animals, including farm animals.”

Submitted Photos/It Takes A Village Animal Rescue

To date, around 158 dogs have found happy homes with the help of It Takes A Village Animal Rescue. To find out more visit  www.ittakesavillageanimalrescue.com.



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