The Dog Stop Brings Dog Daycare And Kennel Services To Middletown

On Feb. 22, the Dog Stop at 108 Sleepy Hollow Drive in Middletown had their ribbon-cutting ceremony after opening for business last December. The Dog Stop features luxury boarding accommodations, an interactive and social daycare experience, a spa-like grooming retreat, a retail store and over 10,000 feet of play space indoors and outdoors. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, Middletown Radio talked to Dog Stop owner Jim Henry who said he decided to open his dog daycare after running a family auto body shop in Bear, Delaware. Henry said he ran the auto body shop until he sold it in 2015 and then followed his daughter in moving to the Middletown area. He said that he wanted to open a business that people would like to come to, rather than a business they have to come to when they have a problem such as a car repair business. He is also a dog lover and after seeing a need for a dog daycare and boarding services in Middletown, he spent time trying to find the right location and spent 6 months getting the business ready to open on Dec. 18, 2017.

Henry said the Dog Stop franchise is based in Pittsburgh and that they offer daycare services for $27 a day and boarding services for $39 per night which also includes the daycare services. He said that piggybacking the daycare service with the nightly boarding fee makes it a big convenience for the customer and means that someone boarding their dog knows that it won’t be stuck in a kennel all day. The facility offers both inside and outside space for dogs to exercise and to socialize. He said that the dogs in daycare get lunch as well as regular breaks and naps. He wants owners, especially of younger dogs, to have their pets so busy that they are tired when they return to their owners in the evening

Henry said the floors at the Dog Stop are epoxy which is common for dog daycare facilities and veterinarian offices because they are easy on paw pads and are easy to clean. Henry added that the fences and kennels are made of fiberglass and Plexiglas and there is no chain link that dogs can get their noses or paws stuck in. The facility has three separate play areas; one for active younger dogs, one for more laid-back older dogs, and a third for smaller dogs that may be fearful of larger dogs.

Besides the kennel and daycare services, the Dog Stop offers full-service grooming and a retail shop with convenience items and he stocks what customers want. Jim Henry said he knows that he will not be able to compete with local pet stores, but he stocks items like food that customers can purchase quickly while picking up or dropping off their dog. Henry said he can take a maximum of 60 dogs for daycare and has 42 nightly kennels, but so far his maximum days have had 24 dogs in daycare and 11 in the kennels. He expects to be much busier in the spring for spring break and especially during the summer vacation season.

Finally, Jim Henry said the Dog Stop has ten employees and he’s happy to be a part of the Middletown business community and to be filling a niche in the MOT area. The Dog Stop is located at 108 Sleepy Hollow Drive, off of Bunker Hill Road. Visit them online at or call (302) 376-9006.


Photo credit: Keith Thompson

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