Middletown Historical Society Has Pirate Themed Escape Room

The Middletown Historical Society has set up another escape room, and this one has a pirate theme. The Smuggler’s Cove escape room is running into June at the Middletown Historical Society at the Middletown Academy Building at 216 North Broad Street. The cost is $15 per person and the room is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You need to book in advance and you need to be there before your scheduled time to get your orientation before your adventure begins. The money raised goes to the Middletown Historical Society to help maintain their museum in the Academy Building and to fund their various programs throughout the year.

Middletown Radio visited the escape room and Barbara Wessell of the Historical Society who said their Civil War themed room in the fall was a success and they decided to go with a pirate theme this time around. Last fall’s theme had visitors getting clues in a Civil War encampment but for this escape room, they’ve created a shipwreck in a cave and you must find clues to find your way out of the wreck. Part of the setup has numerous Styrofoam coolers that they have used to construct the walls of the cave.

Wessell said the pirate theme comes from Delaware’s history with Blackbeard and Capt. Kidd as they occasionally made their way up the Delaware Bay and Delaware River. The time period represented is from around 1718 to 1774 when pirates and privateers created some history in the region.

Wessell said that Blackbeard used to come up the Delaware to visit a lady friend in Marcus Hook and also allegedly stored booty along the banks of the Blackbird Creek. Wesson said that some legends indicate that the former name of the creek and the area was Blackbeard, and the name eventually became Blackbird.

There are also legends concerning Capt. Kidd, especially in the Bombay Hook area where he allegedly stored booty at Kelly Island near Bombay Hook. There is evidence of treasure washing up on the shore there that possibly could be related to Capt. Kidd. Also, he used to frequent a house in the area and historians have turned up remnants of his presence there.

Wessell said there was also privateer activity in the region, where privateers were not pirates but were ship crewmen who turned against their company. There is privateer history connected with the Liston House near Bombay Hook.

To learn more about the Middletown Historical Society Smuggler’s Cove escape house and to book an adventure, go to http://www.middletowndehistory.com/smugglers-cove/

Photo credit: Keith Thompson

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