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Keith Thompson (left) with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
Keith Thompson (left) with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

Welcome! I'm Keith Thompson, editor, and we are proud to announce the beginning of something new just for residents of Middletown and the MOT area.

Why Radio Middletown?  It comes out of the growth of Middletown from a small town to a small city. Middletown is a small city, but it still has the media coverage of a small town. First, Middletown does not have a local radio station. There are a lot of radio options for listeners, but they are all virtually focused on Wilmington, Philadelphia and Baltimore. While you will hear some MOT area businesses advertise on Wilmington radio stations, advertising on Wilmington stations can be too expensive and too broad a reach for a small MOT business. Radio Middletown's focus will be strictly on Middletown, Odessa, Townsend and the rest of southern New Castle County which will include our friends in Smyrna.

Radio Middletown will be a combination of internet radio and internet newspaper. We do not aim to compete against the Middletown Transcript which does a fine job covering the MOT area, both in print and online. Our goal is to supplement area coverage with recorded interviews with area officials, business leaders, entertainers, etc. My recent radio career has been guided by a curiosity to learn more about the community I work in and to share what I learn with listeners and readers. 

I've always enjoyed talking to local movers and shakers, especially elected officials, and having them explain to listeners what they do and why they do it. My political mantra is that decisions made at the local level should and do have a greater impact on the average citizen than the decisions made at the federal level. You, as a voter, also have a greater voice in a local level and you have far greater access to your elected officials than you would the president.

As an online radio station, we're going to feature a classic hits format with music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s and featuring what we call "Oh Wows!" which are great songs that heavily "consulted" and market driven music stations from Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore simply don't play. We're not involved in getting Neilson media ratings, so we can provide an alternative to what the broadcast stations play.

So welcome aboard and we look to bring something new and interesting to listeners and readers in the MOT area.

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