New Castle County Stepping Up Efforts To Collect Delinquent Taxes

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New Castle County is stepping up its efforts to collect delinquent property taxes and fees. County Executive Matt Meyer said “Everyone in our community must pay their fair share,” adding “if you do not pay, we provide you this one last notice that you can no longer avoid your obligations. We will hold you accountable

According to New Castle County, an effort that started in the fall had the county directly contacting taxpayers about delinquent taxes and arranging payment. That effort has led to increased payments of $1.5 million and has cut the short-term delinquency rate in half.

Also over the winter, the county has set up a partnership with three school districts through a third-party vendor to collect long overdue property taxes and this is expected to increase payments to the schools as well as cover administrative expenses.

County Executive Matt Meyer is also stepping up efforts to collect overdue county fees including owners to pay expenses to maintain abandoned or vacant properties that help lead to blight and greater crime in those neighborhoods. This effort has led to new registration requirements for abandoned properties by imposing additional fees or accelerating sales of such sites. The effort has led to around 1,600 registered vacant properties in the county and payments of $50,000 in maintenance fees.

County residents can view their tax status at or can call the county Finance Department customer service line at 302-323-2600.

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